We are regularly at the beach of Ses Salines, but have never been to one of the beach clubs that are located there. There is the Malibu Beach Club, then the Jockey Club and the oldest is the Hippie Shed, a shed in which the Weed Smoke wafts like in the Luniz “5 on it” video from the Lowrider. The Jockey Club is located in the middle and can be easily reached from both car parks via the jetty, where you get out at the…Continue Reading “Jockey Club – Beach Club at Playa de Ses Salines”

Cala Bassa Beach Club. Phönizischer Wacholder überall. Weiße Steintafel am Restaurant des Beach Clubs

For me, the Cala Bassa Beach Club (CBbC) is the epitome of a beach club: I am thrilled every year by the picturesque complex amidst ancient twisted Phoenician juniper. If I built a beach club, it would look the same. The gastronomy extends over the whole length of the Cala Bassa, certainly 150m, without being obtrusive. Sometimes here a bar, sometimes here a shop, a restaurant under shady trees, sometimes a massage temple. Last year there was a cool 56 Chevy in the middle of…Continue Reading “Cala Bassa beach Club”

Der Strand Ses Salines auf Ibiza. Vom Parkplatz über den Bretterweg durch die Dünen, dann dieser unbeschreiblich schöne Anblick auf das türkisblaue, badewannentiefe Wasser am Strand Ses Salines

For families with children, the long sandy beach of Ses Salines is always suitable. The water at the beach of Ses Salines is mostly crystal clear, you can simply walk out into the knee-deep water and take a bath. If you like, you can actually swim or snorkel a little further outside. Visibility is almost always good, which is due to the somewhat coarser mussel sand, which quickly sinks back to the ground and does not cloud the view. However, there are much better places…Continue Reading “Ses Salines – one of the most beautiful beaches”